“Where Does the Love Go?” Out March 26th!

It’s been two years since we released new music, but we are SO excited to be back with our new single, “Where Does the Love Go?” out on Friday, March 26th! We got back in the studio with the same writers and producers we collaborated with for “MUSES” and we decided that this new project wanted to feel happier; more fun.

We got the inspiration for the new song while watching an episode of our favorite show, “Sex and the City.” In the episode, (Season 2, Episode 18 if you want to watch) Carrie asks the question so many of us beg to know; “If you love someone and you break up, where does the love go?” This of course got our songwriter brains moving, so we brought it into a write with BHAVIOR and the song pretty much wrote itself in about an hour and half.

You guys have done so much for us over the years, including getting our faces on a Ring Pop and winning us the iHeartRadio Rising Star Contest. We need the full MACER forces out for this new song. If you could pre-order and pre-save the song, it helps us so much. You can do that by clicking here. (If it tells you it’s unavailable in the US store, just go to the iTunes Store and search for the song title.)

We also are so excited because we have a new merch item! You can buy the “Where Does the Love Go?” baby pink crewneck right here.

We cannot thank you enough for supporting us throughout the years, whether it be listening to our music, coming to our shows, swiping up on our Instagram stories or liking our content. You guys are the reason we still get to do what we love, and we have the best feeling about this new era. We love you to Pluto and back.

xo Megan & Liz

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