All About Botox!

There is so much discussion around Botox and I get a TON of questions about it so I decided I would basically sum it all up in this blog post! For me, Botox has given me so much confidence, and is something that I decided to do for myself. The biggest reason I like it, is because it gives me a little brow lift that I think opens my eyes a lot! In addition to that, it is preventing wrinkles from forming in my forehead so I won’t have them when I am older.

Botox is fully a choice – but also DOES NOT LAST FOREVER! This is something that a lot of people don’t know. Botox lasts only about 3-5 months! Your body naturally breaks down the product. Botox is used for so many other things besides wrinkles/and wrinkle prevention. It can help if you have a gummy smile, a harsh jawline, and just face shaping in general. I am not saying that any of these things are bad – but I am saying that it is a quick, low pain option that can make you feel so incredibly confident if you have insecurities. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that – you deserve to feel good about yourself and sometimes “embracing your flaws! Born this way!” Isn’t enough for some people. So there is NOTHING wrong with going to a doctor to see if there is an option for you that will make you feel confident about yourself!

That being said, make sure you GO TO A GOOD DOCTOR/PRACTICE! Read the reviews! Ask around! Even though Botox is “no big deal” it is still a procedure and should be taken seriously! I personally go to Dr. Brian Biesman here in Nashville, Tennessee. Find a doctor who you like their work. If you look at their instagram or reviews and don’t like the way people look – don’t go to them. Find someone who is more your style!

What to get? As far as “Botox” Botox is actually a brand. I used it for the first couple times I got it, but my body burned it off quickly and my results only lasted about a month and a half, while some people can get 5 moths out of one procedure. If you are active, and/or an athlete, your body burns it off quickly. So this time, I tried using a different brand called Dysport! It does the exact thing as Botox but it is proven to last a little longer for those people who burn off Botox quickly.

Does it hurt? I get this question a TON! The answer is not really. It is a very tiny needle so it feels almost like plucking your eyebrows. Not the most comfortable, but also you don’t even need to be numbed before the procedure. There is such a thing as “white coat syndrome” which basically means that you get light headed from looking at someone with a needle in their hand coming towards your face. I always just close my eyes!

With all that being said, I am not advocating that girls need Botox or anything to feel beautiful. I am letting you know, however, that it is something that I have used and has indeed made me feel beautiful. There is such a stigma around Botox when there shouldn’t be! It is up to you, and your choices and what you feel comfortable with. And it really can help a lot of minor things that you may feel insecure about. If any of you have any questions about it – just DM me! I am always willing to help out if I can!

xo – Liz

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