The Ultimate Galentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about love. What a special thing to celebrate! Despite what romantic comedies and diamond advertisements you’ve seen, love isn’t always about two people in a relationship. This Valentine’s Day, Maybe you are celebrating the steps you’ve taken towards loving yourself. Taking the time to acknowledge what serves you and what doesn’t, what makes you feel joy and what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Celebrate the love that your body gives you! Another day to breathe in and out, another day that your body carries you to the beauty that is your life. Celebrate THAT love today. Look back at how far you’ve come! Look forward to where you will be! Another amazing thing about love, is that it is everywhere – especially in your friends. Friends seems like such a underwhelming word for these people in your life, the ones you talk to daily, the ones you’ve known for years of your life. Celebrate them this year. Thank them for all they’ve done for you, whether they know it or not. Here’s a little blog on how to throw a love party. The best kind of party!

Bake Valentine’s Day Funfetti Cupcakes!
Not only are they like, the best cupcakes in existence, but baking with your friends is always fun.

Bake your own pizzas… (in the shape of a heart if you so choose)
Recipe for Pizza Dough:

Buy your favorite pizza toppings/cheese/sauce as you choose. Our favorite sauce to use is actually Prego!

Lots of Valentine’s Day Candy…
because calories do not count on Valentine’s Day. Also, when else will you have an excuse to buy the color-themed M&M’s, Dove Chocolates or Reese’s Hearts??
Valentine’s Day movies (watch it or have it on in the background, while you bake/cook):
Valentine’s Day
 Crazy Stupid Love
The Notebook
Love Actually
La La Land
Sweet Home Alabama

Of course, WINE. Rose, or Champagne.
My favorite rose’s are:
Bota Box Rose
BABE Rose in cans
GERARD BERTRAND COTE DES ROSES LANGUEDOC ROSE 2016 (FRANCE) (okay, this one just has a really cute bottle, too.)

My favorite Champagne:
NV Luc Belaire Luxe Brut, Sparkling France

Setup a photo booth on a wall; nothing fancy, you could use your phones:

For your Photo Booth wall:

Heart Streamers // SHOP
 Tassel Garland // SHOP
Pink Tissue Balls // SHOP
 Red Tissue Balls // SHOP
 Love Balloon // SHOP

For props:

Heart Shaped Balloons // SHOP
 Glitter Heart & Arrow // SHOP
Mini Heart Necklaces // SHOP

… or if you wanna buy a ring light, it’s a great investment for all future parties/selfies. 😉 *this is the one we have*

Ring Light

A fun activity you could do is each write an anonymous love letter to your friends, explaining why you love them as a friends and what your favorite things about them are.

For your notes:

Love Notes

This year on the day of love – take the time to say it out loud, write it down, sing louder to your favorite love song. You are made of love, and the world has so much more to give you. How amazing is that!? Happy Valentine’s Day – to you and YOUR love.

You’re definitely gunna need some music to dance you, and luckily we’ve got ya covered there! 😉

Happy Happy Valentine’s Day Babes!

xo – M&L