HAIR. hair. h a i r.

HAIR hair h a i r.

Alright, this is a super common question for me, so I figured I’d lay it all out in a blog for you guys! This is everything I use on my hair from products to tools. LET’S GO.


So, if you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that I SWEAR by Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a religion for me. But recently, on accident, I discovered the drugstore dupe if you don’t feel like paying $17 a bottle. That dupe is Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.


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For actual styling of my hair, I love Hot Tools brand. It’s high-end and they last a long time, but you’re also not paying $300. Here are links to the exact styling tools I use, including the sizes:

1 ¼ Inch & 1 ½ inch curling irons:

24K Gold Curling Iron


2-inch Professional Flat Iron

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Now, the reason I use 2” straighteners is because one, I have a lot of hair and two, you can do your hair 10x faster with a bigger flat iron. This isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s the same brand and similar!

For product, my motto is always, less is more. If I put too much product in my hair, it tends to look greasy and matted down. So, I usually stick to a texturizing spray when my hair is damp, followed by hairspray for hold/flyaways. Here’s what I use:

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Texturizing Spray:

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair




And last but not least, extensions!!

I LOVE extensions so so much. If you’re into them too, here’s my go-to favorite brand:

Laced Hair Extensions

Personally I love the clip-ins, just because you have the option to wear them whenever you want!

Now I thought I’d do a little Q&A on my haircare routine, type, etc…

Q: How often do you wash your hair?

A: I was my hair every 2 days usually, unless I want to wear my hair the opposite style the next day. My hair will not hold curl after it’s been straightened, so I have to wash it to start over

Q: What type of hair do you have?

A: I have naturally straight, thick hair. It gets oily after about 4-5 days of not washing it.

Q: How often do you get your hair trimmed?

A: I get my hair trimmed every other time I get it colored. So I’d say it’s about every 12-14 weeks.

Q: How often do you dye your hair?

A: This really depends on how I’m wearing my hair. If I’m going from blonde to darker, usually every 6 weeks. If it’s been dark for a while, I can make it 8-9 weeks.

Q: What do you ask for when you get your hair done?

A: Pictures! I always bring pictures that I find on Pinterest.

Q: Do you have any advice for growing your hair out?

A: Try to use heat on it as little as possible. Let your hair air dry when you can, and give it breaks. If you’re a blonde, take breaks in between bleaching it to the root. This will give time for your new hair to grow out at the root. Also, trims are super important. If you skip hair trims all together, your hair will literally break off at the ends, ruining any progress you have made so far.

Q: How do you get curls to stay in your straight hair?

A: I never style it directly after I’ve washed it, ever. I know this will be a complete waste of my time because the curls will just slide out. I usually like to sleep on it overnight so it can get some of the natural oils back into it to help hold. My motto is always, bedhead or volume?? Definitely looks like volume. ?
xo – Megster




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