First month of being engaged…

This month has been one of the most magical months of my life. It’s been just a dreamy celebration of nothing but love. Love from my fiancé (what?!) my future family, from Megan, from all of my wonderful friends. I honestly just feel SO grateful for this time in my life.

A lot of my friends have asked me if my relationship feels different with Weston- and what I always say is a definite YES. Starting to plan a wedding together means you have to be on the same page totally with each other, respecting each other’s opinions and thoughts, and be very honest. In the short time that we’ve been engaged I feel like my love for him has tripled – which I didn’t think was possible. For me personally, getting married is a whole new level of commitment and a whole world of opportunities. For a lot of people – you don’t need a ring or a marriage to prove that you are committed to each other, but for me it’s been the ultimate confirmation that we really did mean all of the things that we told and promised each other in the late night hours we stayed up way too late talking about our futures.

As far as actually planning a wedding – that part is coming up! And I promise to share that with you guys. Not only the fun stuff like the dress/venue/details, but the emotional side. Planning a wedding is something that I have never done before – and I’m sure it’s going to bring out emotions in me I never knew I had. I feel like it’s already brought out parts of my creativity that I had deep inside me that needed this particular time in my life to shine the light on them.

All I know is I am very grateful for an organized/planner/sister/maid of honor (duh) who is going to help make me actually make decisions. (LOL) So, stay tuned for this journey and all that is going to come with it! Here’s to all of you who knew me when I was 15 and writing songs about boys who wouldn’t talk to me in high school, and now you are going to help me through/see me planning my W E D D I N G. I get emotional thinking about that, honestly. Love you all SO MUCH.

Xo Liz