“Habit” + Nowadays x Megan & Liz



Hey guys!!

As some of you may have already figured out from our little announcement earlier today, we have a brand new CLOTHING LINE coming out! (Yup, you read that right.) We are so excited to finally share our collaboration line called Nowadays with you and even more excited that it will be available exclusively at Macy’s on July 22! All the pieces are super cute and comfortable, and we had so much fun being able to be apart of the process. Make sure you guys are following @thisisnowadays on instagram for fun giveaways including how you could win the entire collection!!

But wait! There’s more! lol We also announced that we have a B R A N D N E W single called ‘HABIT‘ coming out July 31! Who’s ready? WE’RE READY. Follow us on Spotify to be the first to hear when new music comes out!

Lastly, for all of our Nashville loves we’ve got a few fun shows coming up and would love to hang out with you! Tweet us if you’re coming so we can hang!

  • JUNE 9 – CMA Fest
  • JUNE 10 – Diva Jam

Thank you always for being here for us, we love you to Pluto & back. Always have, always will.

xo – Megan & Liz

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