Megan & Liz’s 59th GRAMMYs Recap

You guys know we LIVE for the GRAMMY Awards and all the hype surrounding the performances, nominees, just everything about it is so magical and this year was no exception. If you followed along with us on twitter (@officialmegann/@officiallizz) you know we were blasting all our favorite performances and acceptance speeches, and because we’re still buzzing about it, we decided to put together this little post of our favorite moments of the night! xo, M&L


Carrie Underwood
Maren Morris
Cassadee Pope


Katy Perry
Faith Hill
Katherine McPhee


Ed Sheeran

First off, let me start by saying that not using in-ears in an arena much less on the biggest music awards show is INCREDIBLE. Ed was using monitors and didn’t miss a single note. No theatrics, no smoke and mirrors, just his talent; hands down my favorite performance of the night.

Maren Morris & Alicia Keyes

These two talented ladies 1) had incredible outfits, 2) SLAYED that Maren Morris song. So much passion and commitment to the message of the song, meanwhile delivering insane vocals. Love love loved it.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars always delivers and this performance was no different. So much energy and dancing meanwhile still maintaining his outstanding vocals.


I loved her opening performance AND her George Michael tribute. I loved that she started over because she didn’t hear her key correctly. I’m sure Adele was scarred after her 2016 Grammy performance mess up, so for her to stop and start over showed true courage and musicianship. So much respect for you, Adele. And not to mention, when you heard the correct key, you delivered a flawless performance, like we all knew you would.


I mean, the production behind this performance was so great. So much time and planning and creativity. Beyoncé never misses a note I don’t think, so combine that with being pregnant with twins + Grammy performance production and Queen Bey will still remain happily on her throne.



Jennifer Lopez
Heidi Klum


Carrie Underwood
Maren Morris
Lady Gaga


Bruno Mars

When you watch a performance by Bruno Mars you realize – yes this is the Grammys and YES this is a performer who deserves all the recognition in the world. He’s not only vocally talented – but he can dance and win over the audience. Plus – I am bias because that song is my favorite song right now!

Sweet Caroline w/ James Corden

I’m not sure if this counts – but James Corden and his karaoke cab with basically everyone singing “sweet Caroline” was insanely amazing. It United the Grammy crowd which is not always easy to do. He had rhianna, Keith urban, and John legend all singing the same tune. Loved.

This isn’t necessarily a performance – but rhianna with the flask was just everything. I am obsessed with her and she is such an icon and I love that she has no shame to bring a flask into musics most classy night.

Overall – I thought this was the best Grammys I’ve seen in a long time. It was fun, iconic, and entertaining. We also saw a lot of real moments from our fav stars, and some “wow y’all are really talented” moments as well. Which is really what we all want. Well done Grammys – well done.

Leave a comment below of who your favorites of the night were! Let’s chat! 🙂

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