The Reality of Sponsored Posts

This is the reality of sponsored posts.

If you have opened your Instagram app in the last say, year or so, I’m sure you have noticed some of your favorite people you follow (youtubers, actors, singers etc) posting “sponsored” posts. Megan and I have done “sponsored” posts ourselves.

I am going to explain exactly what a sponsored post is, why we do it, and also – why it’s not “selling out.”

A sponsored post is when a company reaches out to you to post on your social media about their product, and in exchange you get money or free product. Now, in this lovely time of 2016 this is basically the new TV commercial! And in  our opinion, we think Its cool! Because when your favorite influnencer posts about a product, it is almost always something that the brand/influencer thought would be good for their specific following. Stuff they actually use – and genuinely think you will too! I’ve discovered many new products from sponsored posts I LOVE.

As far as Megan and I are concerned – we do sponsored posts to make music. Megan and I in sense are our own record label. We use the money we get from sponsored posts to pay the people who produce our songs. We use the money we make from sponsored posts to pay for music videos. We use the money to pay for album artwork, photographers, graphic designers, hair and makeup, the travel for shows. We are very fortunate that we can do these posts to keep our little label going strong.

That being said, we (and a lot of other influencers) often get the “ugh you are selling out” comments whenever there is a “#ad” or “#sponsored” involved. Keep in mind that we wanna be honest with you! We will never endorse anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves, or something that we feel any of you reading this wouldn’t use either. This is 2016! The year of being able to make our own music and be our own label heads, and also the year of “#sponsored.”

We love sharing our lives with you, and really we wouldn’t be able to live our DREAM if it wasn’t for you. So next time you see a sponsored post from us, (or anyone!) you can like it, or don’t. Just know that we would never take advantage of any of you or what you have given us. This is just one Instagram post towards a new project, or towards a hotel room in your city.

We love you all, always, and thank you for being on this journey with us. Cheers to new music, and more tour dates. 😉

xo, M&L

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