World Mental Health Day

I couldn’t not write a blog today. In my book, this is one of the most important days of the year. Mental health is something that everyone should be educated on, whether you struggle with it or not. It is so common, that odds are you’ll meet someone in your life who struggles with it.

I personally am affected by mental illness with Anxiety/OCD.

It’s really hard to put into words what anxiety feels like. Sometimes it feels like you’re running on a treadmill with no way to stop it. You can’t ever find your “center.” You feel like you forgot to do something, so you search your brain endlessly for something you think you forgot to do, but it never comes. Some days, it feels like you’re waiting all day for something bad to happen, but nothing ever does actually happen. Then there are the days where you’re pushing back a panic attack throughout the day, or just living in fear of one.

OCD sprinkled on top of this, for me personally, is all these “scary” thoughts that get stuck on loop in my brain because my brain has red flagged them as important, when actually they are not.

There are days, stretches of time even, where your anxiety is non-existent. Then there are the days where it’s constant, all day.

I’m writing this blog because it’s important to know that if you have any sort of mental illness, you are not alone. We’re all in this together, fighting our own battles. There is no shame in having a mental illness. Your brain can get sick, just like any other part of the body.

You can get through whatever issue is currently hindering you. With the help of therapy, loved ones, or medication if you so choose, anything is possible. Feeling like yourself again is possible. You can do it, and you are strong enough.

I have so much hope that the more time passes, the more we will learn about the human brain; the closer we are to finding a cure for all mental illnesses.

So much love to you, my fellow warriors. I’m proud of you for fighting one of the toughest battles possible.

Xo Megster


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