You know, life is funny.

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You know, life is funny. We’ve been rehearsing for the DEUX release party for the past two weeks. I’ve been so excited for this party. What do you know? I hugged someone there juuuust the right way that made my ribs K I L L me again. Seriously, what are the odds? But it got me thinking… Here I am fresh into the #DEUX era, and this happens. Of all the days my rib could have acted it up, it had to be this one? But then I realized… It HAD to be this one; because I had so many of you loving and supporting me in that room tonight. It was such a solid reminder of the bond we have with you and how lucky I am to have you in my life. So yes, tonight didn’t go as planned. But as I lay in my bed with ice on my side, knowing I have all of you in my life and that I’ve had so many of you in my life for YEARS, is the best “get well” of all. I love you fam. We’re in this crazy journey of life together. ❤️
xo – Megan

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