First blog post!!!!

Hello loves!!

Well, this is fun. This is my first official blog post on our WEBSITE. One of my goals this year is to make this website “the place to be” for M&L content. So, with that being said, here’s the first go at it.


I am so beyond excited for this. This is our first music video since “Simple Life,” so it’s been a long time coming. The plot of the music video is so fun, and one of our very best friends is one of the leads. I’ll make sure to post a ton of BTS content on the website during the 2-day shoot, so check back!

Second, I just want to take a moment to thank you. This career has been full of ups and downs, and you guys have been with us all the way. You’ve been the reason behind every cool thing that has happened in our career thus far. I have a really great feeling with this new EP, and this year in general. I’m hungry to work. I know that this is what we are meant to do, and that passion is burning inside us more than ever. This music feels right. This music feels us. It’s taken so long to get to that feeling. The two years of not having anyone tapping on our shoulders or saying “you should do this,” has been very beneficial to us. Has it been scary? Yes. Has it been easy? No. At the end of it all though, I’m so proud and so excited. There will be songs you’ve heard on this EP, and songs you haven’t. I hope you guys are ready for the ride, because I know we are.

And in case you need it, keep pushing. Keep working. You’ll get there.

Keep checking back, loves.


Xo Megster

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